Hester Coley Genealogical Research
106 Dartmouth Road   London NW2 4HB       England                          +44 (0)7584 320385

A professional genealogy service based in London and with strong links in Scotland

Are you curious about your family background?

Were your ancestors lords or farm workers?  Army captains or petty criminals?

Did they own their land, marry the housekeeper, travel across the ocean, leave wills?


Do you want help finding this out for yourself?

Have you tried and need advice on breaking down the brick wall you’ve arrived at?

Would you like it all to be done for you?

Do you wish to have a family tree done as a special present for someone?


I can tailor my services to your individual requirements, including :

·       Creating your family tree
·       Creating a detailed life story about a particular person
·       Accessing specific records in person
·       Taking photographs of gravestones, homes, workplaces
·       Teaching you how to do or improve on your own family research (remotely or in person)

I can also advise you on how to use the various types of DNA tests to find relatives and further develop your family tree.