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While unpacking boxes following a house move 12 years ago I came across a photograph of my great-grandmother, who had died young, together with her husband and son whom I recognised.  I knew nothing about her, not even her name, and wondered if there was any way to find out who she was on the internet.  Within less than ten minutes I had found her full name and those of her parents.  I quickly became hooked and forgot all about the unpacking.


It wasn't long, though, before I realised that the subject does inevitably involve far more than a quick internet result – visits to enormous archives offices and tramping round remote graveyards feature highly in the life of a genealogist!


I am originally from Glasgow (with ancestors all over Scotland, and some in Ireland, Worcestershire and County Durham) and now live in London.  I have easy access to all the main archives offices in London and also make frequent trips to Scotland.  Many families will of course end up coming from all over the country, and trips can be made to any other necessary record office, for a fee, or I can pass particular tasks to somebody from my network of experienced colleagues.

I am now a professional genealogist and enjoy making the past come alive for others.  My recent projects include discovering that a client's 21xgreat-grandfather was Robert Bruce King of Scotland and that another's 3xgreat-grandfather was bludgeoned to death with a chamber pot in a lunatic asylum.

I am an Associate Member of AGRA, and abide by the AGRA code of practice.

I speak good French and a little German.

About Me

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